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Professional Dumpster Pad Cleaning Services

Does your commercial dumpster pad turn away potential customers? If you have a commercial property that has dumpsters and dumpster pads then the odds are you need your dumpster pads cleaned! Dumpster pads become filthy very quickly. They can be riddled with germs and bacteria, not to mention, very unsightly for potential customers and guests at your property. No need to worry, just call Wash Patrol! Wash Patrol specializes in commercial dumpster pad cleaning!

We Only Use Sgt. Sudds Biodegradable Cleaning Products

We use the best supplies on the market and provide the best service in the industry!

Commercial Dumpster Pad Cleaning Company

Professional power washing and steam cleaning to dumpsters and dumpster pad areas on a regular frequency is necessity for your commercial property. Wash Patrol uses our famous Bomb Squad degreaser and Bacteria Buster to remove the grease and grime from your dumpster pad while sanitizing your dumpster pad areas.
Our 240 degree steaming hot water is an agent for sanitizing almost anything. We use 4000 PSI to blast away grime and build up on your concrete and to the siding of your dumpster itself. We have some scented agents that protect your property from nasty smells that are unattractive to customers. Call Wash Patrol today for a free dirt defense property inspection! Our dumpster pad cleaning services can successfully remove:
  • Grime
  • Build Up
  • Smells
  • Debris
  • Greases
  • Oils
  • Tire Marks
  • Food Stains

& More!

Wash Patrol | Elite Commercial Dumpster Pad Cleaning Service