Your Property

Has The Right to Remain


Do you have what it takes to be a Patrolmen?

Have you always wanted to be a part of something bigger? Wash Patrol is taking the USA by storm with our unique marketing strategies, cleaning techniques, and dedicated force of Academy trained patrolmen. Wash Patrol is a great opportunity for any investor interested in getting into the multi-billion dollar industry of exterior cleaning services. We are detaining stains and busting grime! If you want to get the grime out of your neighborhoods give Wash Patrol Headquarters a call and speak with a Sergeant about the opportunity of joining our force!

“Wash Patrol has really transformed my vision of a clean patio and walkways. I never know how important power washing was to preserve my property until after hiring them.”

Tom Rittorto

"Before Wash Patrol I was using a hose weekly on my concrete patio and artificial grass area of my house. Dirt Defense packages have me enjoying the outdoor areas more frequently.”

Darlene Swift

"I love the Wash Patrol service! They show up weekly to my house and I got them cleaning my business regularly too. Great service!"

Vanessa Miller