Are you a real estate agent, agency, or brokerage? Wash patrol works with realtors & brokers to keep their properties clean during or after the sale of the property. When a property is for sale it is important to keep the exterior clean for all the showings. Our Dirt Defense maintenance programs are perfect for realtors listing properties!

Wash Patrol works with restaurant owners, GM's, and facility maintenance managers to keep restaurants clean all year long! Whether you have a single restaurant or a chain of hundreds of restaurants across the nation, Wash Patrol can help maintain the restaurants on a regular basis to keep the property clean so customers are more likely to enter the restaurant.

Retail plazas and shopping centers need to be maintained by professionals to keep the concrete and buildings clean and prevent slip and falls and litigation. Wash Patrol can protect your retail shopping center from lawsuits with our Dirt Defense maintenance programs that keep your retail centers clean all year long!

Wash Patrol specializes in fast food restaurant cleaning services. We pressure wash sidewalks and drive-thrus to remove the oils, spills, gum, and tire marks from the concrete areas. We also wash the exterior of the buildings and clean the dumpster pad areas to prevent smells and slip and fall hazards for employees and customers.

Are you on the board of directors of a Home Owners Association? Wash Patrol works with HOA's for houses, apartments, & condos! We pressure wash and steam clean driveways, concrete walkways, and sanitize common areas like parks and playgrounds in HOA's. Call Wash Patrol today to learn more about our Dirt Defense maintenance programs!

Are you a property manager that needs exterior steam cleaning services for your properties? Wash Patrol works with property managers and property management companies all across the United States to keep their commercial facilities exterior clean all year long with our Dirt Defense maintenance programs and pressure cleaning services!