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How Often Should I Power Wash My Driveway?

How Often Should I Power Wash My Driveway?

Power washing your driveway periodically is a great way to keep it looking clean, and can help remove accumulated dirt, grime, and even oil or tire mark stains. The frequency of driveway cleaning depends on several factors such as the age of the driveway, climate conditions in your area, the type of driveway material and more. Generally speaking, you should power wash your driveway at least once a year. Additionally, if you live in an area that experiences extreme weather and temperature changes throughout the year—such as snow in winter or excessive heat and humidity during summer months—it may be necessary to power wash your driveway twice a year or more.

It’s also important to use a degreaser or detergent formulated for outdoor surfaces when power washing your driveway. A degreaser will help reduce and possibly remove unwanted stains from oil spills or tire marks. This will help to restore the driveway’s original appearance.

Power washing your driveway may seem like an intimidating task, but with a few helpful tips and some preparation you can easily have it looking like new again. Be sure to follow all safety instructions when using power washers, as they are powerful tools that require proper handling. Once you’ve completed the driveway cleaning process, enjoy the results of your hard work!

If you have no experience with a power washer, we highly recommend hiring a professional poewr washing company that specializes in driveway cleaning services. The cost of a power washer with the correct detergents will be significantly higher than just hiring a company that is trained and insured. At Wash Patrol we specialize in driveway cleaning services! Please contact us for all your driveway cleaning questions or needs. (833) 630-WASH

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