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How To Pressure Wash A House

How To Pressure Wash A House

Pressure washing is an excellent way to remove dirt and grime from your home safely and effectively. Professional power washers will reduce their pressure when washing the exterior stucco or exterior siding of a home. The ability to reduce pressure when washing a home is referred to as “soft washing” in the professional power washing industry. Pressure washing surfaces at full pressure can easily damage the siding and stucco on the outside of your home. That is why Wash Patrol and other professional power washing contractors practice the technique known as soft washing on the exterior of properties.

Choose the Right Equipment

You need the right equipment to pressure wash properly. If you don’t have the proper tools, you might damage your walls, floors, and other surfaces. Make sure you use the correct type of soap and water when cleaning. Picking the correct detergents and nozzles necessary for the job is very important. Professional contractors are aware of what a pressure washer can and will damage. Contractors also carry liability insurance in case anything does go wrong on the job. Some house washes are better left to the professionals. For example if you have high walls on the exterior of your home or property, we highly recommend calling a professional power washing contractor like Wash Patrol. Wash Patrol has the ability to reach high areas of your home without the need of a ladder! We use high shooting soft wash tips and nozzles to spray water up to 3 stories high.

What to expect when receiving a House Wash?

When receiving a house wash in the Southwestern region of the USA you can expect to see lots of dirt, debris, cob webs, and bird waste removed from the exterior of your home after a house wash. But you should also be aware that you may have hard water stains on your windows. That is why Wash Patrol sells a Supreme Dirt Defense package that includes exterior window cleaning after the house washing service is completed. We highly recommend exterior window cleaning as an add-on service with your house wash detail service.

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